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Kundli Chakra 2017 Standard Edition

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  • Horoscope – Planet Position, Birth details, Shodash Varga, Vimshottari Dasha, etc.
  • Match-making, Ratna Suggestion (Lucky Gems) & Mantra Suggestions with Remedies, K.P. System, Numerology, Manglik Vichar, etc.
  • Predictions (planet, house, Nakshatra, Lagna, tatwa, etc) Nature, Habits, Financial, Friendship, Love & Marriage, Health & Food Habits, Education, Family Life
  • Sade Sati Detailed & Remedies, Kaalsarpa yoga, Varsphal for 120 Years
  • – Export selected pages: the export section is updated with a selection of pages to export. This means, now you can easily select the particular pages you want to export to PDF, BMP or JPG. Only select the pages you want to send to the client and then export it.

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Best Kundli Software for PC in Hindi / English

Kundli Chakra 2017 Standard Edition

The latest released version which is useful for Beginners, Students & Astrologers. The exclusive and Special features in Kundli Chakra makes it unique and more useful than other Astrology software which is 4 times more expensive.

Thus with no special technical computer knowledge, anyone can easily use this software. More, the software is updated from time to time to give you the best astrology software experience. You can also directly contact us and request any feature you think should be added in Kundli Chakra. All the future updates in this version and full support are provided for free with no hidden costs.

– Worksheets: specially designed astrology chart combinations to study and predict easily. Now, you can view various worksheets and can even change its charts to customize it as per your requirements. The program is already loaded with many inbuilt worksheets for study.

 Birth Worksheet: This is a more advanced and better Birth worksheet for quickly studying charts at one single place. It also helps you to study Graha Drishti and planet position on charts and explore into any Dasha period with just a click. The Free Kundli chart rotation allows you to rotate chart for particular House/Subject study.

– New Match Making: You can now directly open saved birth data of male and female and continue for matchmaking. Also, the data saved in matchmaking can be further opened on for Horoscope or Kundli reports. Days of entering data are ended now, once saved can be used for both. More, the Select Partner option now allows you to directly change partner (open data of another male/female).

– Page Designer: It is used for making your own style printing pages. You can now easily drag and drop charts to pages and create your own style page for printing. It also allows you to resize the charts to any size on the page as per your requirement. More, you can even resize the page size to book, pocket, A3 or any bigger or smaller page size, and can create your own printing page accordingly. You can now independently design the reports as per the charts size or page size you like.

– Add Events & Notes: Astrologers can now easily add notes and events related to the birth chart in display and can further save it with birth data.

– Resolution Independent program: this program now offers charts and reports which are resolution free. This means, whichever is your screen size 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768 or any high resolution, you can easily view your charts and worksheet on full screen. Thus making it easier to view and operate charts. Also, the worksheets are specially designed to fit any size as you like, you can even restore the program and resize it on your window to any size you like, and can easily run some other program on rest of the screen, both together.

– Export selected pages: the export section is updated with a selection of pages to export. This means, now you can easily select the particular pages you want to export to PDF, BMP or JPG. Only select the pages you want to send to the client and then export it.

– Shortcut keys & faster access to reports: Most used functions now comes up with shortcut keys. Just press the shortcut related to that page or function and it will start. Like for New (Ctrl + N), Open (Ctrl + O), Save (Ctrl + S).

– Resizable Tools: now you can easily resize the charts from the tools section and place it according to your screen. You can also resize individual charts to full screen, which is very useful while group discussions or teaching astrology lessons in institutions.

– Customized Border Style; Select from any border style or background to be used for printing reports.

– New Printing reports and best quality printouts: many new printing reports have been added and also the program now gives you best quality printouts, when you print from any printer – dot matrix, laser or inkjet printers. Also the “Print Option” now allows you to customize the print reports with the footer, header and page numbers printing.

– New Interface design, with better looks, graphics, and ease of use. The welcome screen is one of the features of the new interface, which offers all that is required to get it started quickly and easily when you start the program.


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The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

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Hindi and English languages are available

Kundli Charts are available in South Indian, North Indian, Bengali style, etc.

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