AstroSuite – 8 in 1 Kundli Software Bundle


-An astrology software pack offering a business opportunity.

-One product with eight different astrology software applications.

-Lets you run astrology business with a computer and a printer.

-Contains eight different products offering eight distinct astrology services.

-Variety of astrology reports suiting the varying needs of the people.

-Requires no astrology or technical knowledge to use this product.

-Can generate revenue from the very first day.

-An opportunity to start a business or generate additional revenue.

-A lifelong source of revenue.

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AstroSuite – Kundli Software for PC

AstroSuite is one of the prestigious product of Astro-Vision in the business astrology software segment. It is an 8in1 software bundle offering eight distinct astrology services. It gives an opportunity to start the astrology business. So far, this product has thousands of satisfied customers in India which include computer centers, internet cafes, Xerox centers, marriage bureaus, etc. By buying AstroSuite, you can create a new lifelong revenue source. The details of this product are the following.

Bundle of 8 different products

AstroSuite includes 8 different astrology software products – LifeSign with Parihara, SoulMate, GemFinder, YearGuide, DigiTell, NameFinder, PanchaPakshi, and StarClcok

Eight different applications

The different software products in AstroSuite offers different astrology services. This enables you to provide a variety of astrology services to your customers. You can give solutions to your customers’ varying needs and make them satisfied.

Horoscope Generation & Predictions

LifeSign (with Parihara) software helps to generate horoscope reports as per your customer requirements – report with basic information, report with calculations, report with predictions, etc. In addition to the inclusive horoscope calculations and predictions, it can also offer horoscope-based remedies to your customers.

Marriage Matching

People check marriage matching and look for an accurate compatibility report. With SoulMate, you can provide a genuine horoscope compatibility report to your customers that checks Poruthams or Kootas, Kuja Dosha, Dasa Sandhi and Papa Samya.

Gemstone Recommendation

The GemFinder software analyses an individual’s horoscope to suggest the use of gemstones as solutions to the specific problems or obstacles in life. It advises the right gemstone to use and the way of wearing it.


Usually, people would be curious to know about their near future or the next one-year period in their lives. YearGuide software, based on the Tajika system, offers Varshaphal or detailed life predictions for the next one-year period.


DigiTell software enables you to provide numerology services. This application generates the numerology report of an individual that includes personality predictions, interpersonal compatibilities and various guidelines for improving the effectiveness of the individual.

 Meaningful Baby Names

By using the software NameFinder, you can give a list of baby name options to your customers. The software offers meaningful baby names for all religious communities. It also enables you to find baby names as per the parents’ requirements.

Pancha Pakshi Sasthra

Pancha Pakshi Sasthra is an ancient Tamil system. According to this, five birds representing the five elements, take their turn in sequence and influence the life of humans. Using the PanchaPakshi software, you can offer solutions based on this ancient Tamil system.

Panchanga & Muhurtha

StarClock is the software for panchanga calculations and muhurtha finding. This software can help you to provide panchanga details of any given time and find muhurthas for auspicious occasions.


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The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

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