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-A 2 in 1 Software. Astro-Vision AstroLight is a bundle of Kundli software & Kundli Matching software.

-Most cost effective Kundli software. AstroLight Kundli & Kundli Matching software is available in 2-language (English & Hindi) and 3-language (English, Hindi & one regional language) packs.

-Prepares Janam Kundli in a few seconds. AstroLight can generate your kundli or horoscope and give your life predictions in a matter of seconds.

-Kundli Matching in your preferred regional style. AstroLight helps to check kundli matching or horoscope compatibility as per your regional preferences.

-Charts & Calculations. AstroLight provides a choice of chart formats – North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala, and Sri Lankan. Also, includes the calculations required for astrological analysis and astrology consultancy.

-Customizable reports. AstroLight provides the option to customize horoscope reports as a single-page report, report with charts and calculations only, report with predictions, etc.

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Astrolight – Kundli Software

Astro-Vision’s AstroLight is a horoscope software for personal use. The astrology aspirant individuals, astrology learners, and even the astrology consultants can find it helpful for their own personal requirements. The important features of this software are the following.

Panchanga Predictions

Gives predictions based on the Panchanga features – weekday, birth star, tithi, Karana and Nithya yoga.

Bhava Predictions

Analysis of first house/bhava for predictions on personality, physical structure, status.

Analysis of fourth house/bhava for predictions on the property, education, etc.

Analysis of seventh house/bhava for predictions on marriage and married life.

Analysis of ninth house/bhava for predictions on fortune, prosperity, inheritance, etc.

Dasa/Apahara Predictions

Gives detailed Dasha predictions starting from the current Dasha. Predictions on apahara (bhukti) would be given for twenty-five years with the time frame of each apahara.

Nakshatra Compatibility, Kuja/Mangal Dosha, Dasa Sandhi & Papa-Samya

AstroLight helps to make genuine horoscope compatibility check. It gives a compatibility report by checking nakshatra compatibility, kuja/mangal dosha, Dasha sandhi & papa-Samya.

Basic Calculations

AstroLight calculates the birth star and various astrological properties related to the birth star. The basic calculations include Sayana and Nirayana Longitude of Planets, Rashi, longitude in the Rashi, star lord, sub lord, sub-sub lord, Dasha, Dasha balance, Rashi chart, Navamsa chart, bhava chart, bhava table, etc.

Large Database of Cities

AstroLight Kundli Software has an in-built database of latitude, longitude and time zones of the cities around the world. This helps in easier generation of horoscopes.

Ayanamsa Options

Includes Chitra Paksha ayanamsa or Lahiri ayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa and Zero ayanamsa.


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The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

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