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Best Kundli Software for PC

It provides predictions with remedies or upaays for you & your clients.

Best Astrology Software for Beginners & Students

Kundli Chakra Standard is the complete software which provides best features for any astrology learner to know various things which comes under Vedic / Hindu Astrology.

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Best Kundli Software for PC

It provides predictions with remedies or upaays for you & your clients.

Detailed Transit Analysis

Kundli Chakra Professional is the only software which provides transit wheel, graph, worksheets, etc. for in-depth analysis for Astrology Professionals and Researchers.

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Specially designed worksheets for Astrologers with facility to change/rotate charts with significators study. This is one of the most desired feature an astrologer requires which makes analysing charts, quick and easy with full focus on each subject.

Muhurta Analysis

Astrologers can define their own muhurta. Find auspicious timing for any date and can further minutely analyse each so found muhurta for accurate and best selection of Muhurta.

Event Study

Easily add events like date of marriage, child birth, date of death in family, accident, fathers date of birth etc. Then further events worksheet will help you easily study charts for various life events with birth chart. This is also helpful in birth time rectification.

Time Rectification

 Edit date time on any worksheet, or print report quickly with intervals of hours, minute, second, days etc to rectify time and study various planetary movements on any page. Conversion Facility - Ghati - Pal - Vipal to Hours - Minutes - Seconds and vice-versa. This is helpful in birth time rectification.

Explore Numerology

You can also explore major calculations of numerology with this utility, includes finding compatibility with partner as per date, name, phone number, house number, vehicle no. etc. Also supports Chaldean and Pythagorean methods for calculations.

Printing & Export PDF

Easy Printing of reports in A4, Book Size, Double Side Printing. Page Designer & Model Printing Facility with more than 1000 pages of reports. Export reports to PDF/JPEG/BMP and email them to clients. Printing Double Side Page, Printing Book Style pages even with customized Header and Footer settings of pages.


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Interactive Kundli Charts Study

The Birth Chart is specially designed to give you information about the planet on chart itself. Also there is no need to click any planet. Just take your mouse to the desired planet on chart, and you will get its information like Drishti, Nakshatra lord, sublord, nakshatra etc. Nakshatra and degrees are also aligned along with planets. This helps you to quickly analyse chart, as shown in image below... It is also useful for beginners to study charts quickly. Also as always in Kundli Chakra, it features special chart rotation feature, i.e. when you click on any rashi... to make it lagna, thus can study various houses and subjects easily.

Quick Dasha Navigation & Other Tools

Special Dasha study tool to quickly access any period of dasha, any date or any antar, pratyantar, sooksham period directly with just one click. 


Study charts, Dashas, anywhere, anytime, on any page/worksheet, at any position on  the screen for quick references & analyses, saving time and concentrating more on charts.


Tools are a special feature invented and designed in Kundli Chakra software specially for astrologers and to study charts at any place in the program. Lets say, while studying Ashtakvarga worksheet, you want to see lagna chart or dasha? or while seeing printing reports or predictions, you want to see other charts too.. you can just open it there at same place from tools. 

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Kundli Software is the platform which not only just deals with Astrology Software but also allows you to have your own Kundli Software developed on your own name. They are the providers of best available astrology software in the market today. It is a great experience with these people very professional, service and support on time. 


Celebrity Astrologer, Gurugram, India.

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